Yoga Party

There aint no party like a down-dog party!  Turn your miserable cows into happy cows; move as serpentine cobras; & play as the happiest of happy babies.  Whatever your experience, age and body we can tailor a yoga party for you.

What are you after?:

Relaxation, Reflection and a bit more Zen please We offer a Yin Yoga session for deep stretching, meditation, and lighthearted thoughtfulness and mindfulness.

Booty Shaking, Laughter Filled & Energising – We offer an Upbeat yoga class to a play list of fun and uplifting songs.  You can help inspire the theme if you tell us a bit more about yourselves.

Detoxing/ “Please send me home in a fit state for all that awaits me”…

We offer a Yin-Yang class for cleansing the liver after a heavier weekend than normal; lots of opportunities for sitting, stillness, reflection, laughter, and gentle liver cleansing.

Much Crazy Dancing please–

We offer Barefoot 5 Rhythms Dancing – improvised freeform – do what ever you want – go crazy -like no one is watching and then lie on the floor at the end.

The cost for each session will depend on numbers etc but we will try to work around any reasonable budget and preferences. Contact us here with your questions and requests and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with prices and suggestions. Some detail about the group size and suggested dates would also be good here. Our extra information page might answer some of your questions too but feel free to be in touch.